The dog without a nose: Local rescue saves pit bull

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Calling for a Medical Kidnapping Smackdown

Levi Quackenboss

Many of you have been following the ongoing medical kidnapping attempt of a seven-year-old little girl named Kennedy Willey at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, California. There is a whole back-story on how she came to have seizures as a toddler. Click here to read her mother’s Mommypotamus interview in better days.

kennedy wakes

I have known Kennedy’s mother, Dawn, for a couple of years now and I met her whole family earlier this year on my way through Southern California. Kennedy’s parents are two of my favorite parents of all-time. They are mother-effing warriors, I tell you.  We should all aspire to be so strong.

They have worked very hard to manage their daughter’s seizure disorder without pharmaceutical drugs (which were failing her) by providing her with the healthiest, most nutritious foods available. They have left their home state to allow Kennedy to live on the water where allergy pollen is…

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Another Boston Children’s Hospital Kidnapping – Part I

A Miracle for US

umb rally sqThis past Valentine’s Day 2015, activists from across the country stood outside various Children’s Hospitals to mark the 2-year Anniversary of 14-year old Justina Pelletier’s medical kidnap.   FoxCT spoke with the family for an update on her time back home and her severe medical problems on the holiday Justina says she “will never celebrate again.”

In Boston, while everyone else was hunkering down for an impending coastal blizzard, dedicated activists weathered the bitter cold to stand outside Boston Children’s Hospital, (BCH), with umbrellas.  The umbrellas were to represent that “All children belong under the protective umbrella of loving parents“.   bch umbrella rallyThe location was because it was BCH that medically kidnapped Justina, making her a ward of the state of Massachusetts.  SEE  Wards of the state: lab rats?

Despite the impending storm,  there were still other victims of BCH who came out from the shadows to tell their harrowing stories…

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Abducted Rengo Mother: Send a message to America for me…

A Miracle for US

Carrie RengoFirst they took 3 breast feeding babies, and the national outrage lead the Governor to get an attorney to help them, (6,000 phone calls can do that).

The normal chain of events thereafter would be the traumatized children, farmed out to foster care after being ripped from their home and family, would languish in the system for years to come, while the parents jumped through hoola hoops every waking moment of their lives to get them back.  Often times these children would be permanently adopted out to strangers despite parents doing everything they knew to keep their own children, and remain in their lives, in a hopeless battle against the taxpayer funded Goliath that had other plans, and all the power. 

In every case across the country where children are taken by the state, there is a mandatory hearing a few days after the children have been kidnapped, where the…

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Man uses Facebook to try and get bait dogs for dog fighting

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11th Hour for Arizona’s Wild Burros

Straight from the Horse's Heart

OpEd by Marjorie Farabee ~Director of Wild Burro Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Time is short; comments must be received by 5pm May 2, 2015 at or

The burros have never had it easy with our government agencies. The fox is guarding the hen house when it comes to protections for this nation’s icons of our pioneering past. They are symbols of our culture and living natural icons of our pioneering history. Yet, our own governmental agency which is tasked with protecting our wild burros and horses, because of this important connection to our past, is cavalierly managing them to extinction without remorse.

photo by Marjorie Farabee of Wild Horse Freedom Federation photo by Marjorie Farabee of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Black Mountain HMA is presently 1.1 million acres, but if developers of wind, gas, and agriculture have their way this HMA will soon be reduced and all the wildlife living on it will suffer…

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Marshal shoots dog at Mansfield family’s home while searching for fugitive

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Isaiah Rider speaks out on DCFS

A Miracle for US


Need everyone in the country to PRAY for what the state of Illinois is doing to Isaiah Rider RIGHT NOW!

Details to come, but it is time to go to the White House with the atrocities being committed against this family: Please world – take note of what is happening to Isaiah for the past year, and will update on what is being done to him NOW

APRIL 14, 2015 is one year anniversary of Isaiah’s Medical Kidnap

Just days after 17-year old ISAIAH RIDER was made a permanent ward of the state of Illinois, a state he DOES NOT reside in, a state he only visited in order to have surgery – – – he speaks out: “DCFS, do you understand how much worse the kids lives are when you take them away, how much worse my life got?” 

“I hope every one of you sees this…

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Supreme Court Releases Written Decision In Cassandra C. Case

Appealingly Brief!

On January 8, 2015, the Supreme Court heard expedited oral arguments in In re: Cassandra C, the case involving a 17-year-old adolescent who claimed the right to refuse life-saving chemotherapy for her Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  Only minutes after the oral argument concluded, the court issued a brief oral ruling from the bench in which the justices unanimously rejected Cassandra C.’s argument that the court should adopt the so-called “mature minor” doctrine.  The court said that a formal written opinion would follow.  Today, the court issued its written opinion.

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

This was my favorite movie from my teen years.

Gareth Rhodes Film Reviews

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Directed by James Cameron. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Edward Furlong, Earl Boen and Joe Morton.


If someone told me “Terminator 2 is the greatest film ever made“, I wouldn’t argue. It is the kind of film that has you blindly spewing sentences like that, such is its vast, enduring appeal. I must have enjoyed it a dozen times, by now, but with each repeat viewing, I marvel at its many achievements. With Aliens (1986), James Cameron proved he could continue a story in a new and interesting way. Returning to his own baby, Cameron’s sequel to his 1984 sci-fi horror is a tour-de-force of high spectacle, invention, and just downright thrills.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns on top billing as the Terminator, travelling through time to intercept John Connor (Edward Furlong). Joining him is Robert Patrick’s T-1000, a new and improved liquid…

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