Is American Democracy Doomed?

It won’t be doomed, because We the People won’t make the same mistake a second time. Bernie has won the last two democratic caucuses. The tides are turning against tRumple Dumple and his ilk.


In the earliest days of Donald Trump’s occupation of the White House, Steve Bannon, Trump’s bloated, bloviating
“Fixer”, and the man some referred to as ‘the author of the Apocalypse’, spoke freely
about the plan to dismantle American Democracy.
The hiring of incompetents to head all Cabinet posts was merely Step One
of the Bannon agenda. (Step One: Check).
Steve Bannon’s Wet Dream envisioned destabilizing the very pillars of American
governance, then confiscating all he deemed worthy of owning and selling all
the rest (all buyers welcome, regardless
of political or national affiliation). Steve
Bannon may be gone from the West Wing, but his agenda lives on, and what we
have witnessed for these past two-plus years, is the systematic implementation
of his despicable plan.

Is it already too late to save America? There are so many questions we should all be asking. Questions including, but certainly not limited to:…

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