Cultural Appropriation and Why I Don’t Give A Fuck.

As a former tumblrite, Cultural Appropriation is an issue near and not-so-dear to me. As a microblogging platform primarily utilized by the teenage set to share photographs, many of them fashion and trend related, it is a pretty obvious stage for this issue, giving rise to blogs such as My Culture Is Not A Trend and many others.

First of all, let’s give a little rundown of what Cultural Appropriation is from the folks over here.

Now, most of this I agree with. For example, I’m sick of seeing pictures like this every time I go online:

Seriously. Drew, I love you, but you look like a dumbass. Sorry. Headdresses are like Purple Hearts, in a way. You don’t just wear it as a fashion statement. It’s an honour and it is worthy of respect, not something to wear to a drunken hipster party.

My problem is not with…

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