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A Miracle for US

speakFrom MedicalKidnap.com:  Illinois Gags Grandmother from Exposing Chicago’s Lurie Children’s   medicalkidnap.com/…/illinois-gags-grandmother-from-exposing-chicagos- lurie-childrens-hospital-in-medical-kidnapping/ Team Isaiah

(Please also see what Illinois has done to the Rider family! Isaiah Rider speaks out on DCFS )

tannaFrom baby Malik’s grandmother, Lakisha Tanna (Malik is hereafter known as “Baby M” for Mrs. Tanna’s protection). They are trying to silence her. This is how Child Protective Services has gotten away with so much injustice for so long, in so many places – LACK OF TRANSPARENCY! There are good people who care, even in the system, just like there are good obstetrician and good cops. But the secrecy that shrouds the Family Court System endangers families everywhere. Where there is such secrecy, corruption is free to breed. Where parents are silenced, evil is allowed to continue. If their deeds are exposed to the light, then they have to actually follow the Constitution and the law. This is the…

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