Wildlife Rehabbers Furious Over New State Guidelines Forbidding Rescue/Rehab of 7 Species


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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.  (WHNT) – Local wildlife rehabilitaters and animal advocates are furious over new guidelines handed down by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  They forbid anyone from saving or rehabilitating seven species of animals in Alabama.

Wildlife rehabbers have been expecting conservation officials to release a new set of guidelines consistent across the entire state, but these changes are not what they had in mind.  (Click HERE for background information from “Survival of the Fittest”, a story done by WHNT NEWS 19 in May, 2013.)

In short, conservation officials are forbidding the rescue and rehabilitation of fur-bearing animals, including raccoons, foxes, skunks, opossums, coyotes, bats, and feral pigs.

Jud Easterwood, a wildlife supervisor based in Tanner, said his phone has been ringing constantly from people all across the country who are upset about the new orders.  Click HERE to see the letter from…

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