A Personal Argument Against Stop and Frisk

Stop and frisk is BS.


TSA-patdown-ladyDespite the fact that my name is Wing, I am not a frequent flyer. I travel by plane maybe three or four times a year for vacation or to visit my son and his family in Chicago. Maybe I’d take planes more often if I, like so many others, didn’t hate the experience of flying (coach). You pay hundreds of dollars to be herded like cattle, sit cramped in a seat for hours, fight for space for your carry-on, and be fed nothing, or nothing you’d want to eat. And I’m certainly not alone in hating the security check. (Oh that I had invested in a company that makes three-ounce plastic bottles). But I especially dread going through security because I have a prosthetic leg with titanium and aluminum components that always set off the metal detector. The cry for “female assist” rings out, and then I am told to…

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