The Honest Courtesan

Each particle is a microcosm, and faithfully renders the likeness of the world.  –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

DNA animationOne month ago tomorrow, the United States Supreme Court ruled that it’s perfectly hunky-dory with them if cops take DNA samples from individuals arrested for “serious crimes”.  Not convicted of, mind you, or even charged with; merely arrested for is good enough.  According to these august legal minds (well, five of ‘em anyhow; Justice Scalia the Unpredictable and the entire distaff side of the court disagreed), no wrong has been committed if the cops respond to a rape by simply arresting every man in the vicinity, forcibly taking their DNA in order to “identify” them (Maryland’s excuse in the case), and then checking every sample against the rape kit.  As Scalia wrote, this constitution-shredding rationalization “taxes the credulity of the credulous”:

The Fourth Amendment forbids searching a…

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